After a three-month hiatus, mainstream football returned with a bang this weekend. With two exciting matches lined up fans of the sport were in for a treat. The match that took place on Saturday saw Wolfsberg defeat the illustrious German giants Bayern Munich on penalties. Pep Guardiola’s side lost as one of their key players Xabi Alonso missed a chance to convert a penalty.

The other match was scheduled on ‘Super Sunday’. It was no doubt a crackling affair. FA cup champions Arsenal were to face previous season EPL winners Chelsea. Now anyone who follows the English Premier League would know about the ongoing saga between the managers of both the clubs. On one side we have the technical genius Jose Mourinho and on the other is the Premiers League’s longest-serving manager, Arsene Wenger. Both the managers couldn’t be further apart in terms of their style of play. While Wenger is associated with stability and calmness who famously led Arsenal through an invisible season, Mourinho relies more on quick results and signings. The two share a rather frosty relationship nothing less than a saas-bahu saga filled with cat calling and passing snide comments on each other to the press.

The build up to th London derby doesn’t end with the managers, the players also have some amount of history with the clubs. The most anticipated aspect would be no doubt the Arsenal goal keeper, Peter Cech, who is a Chelsea legend moved to Arsenal this season and Ofcourse how can we forget the former Gunners Captain Cesc Fabregas. The Gunners have still not come to terms with his year old transfer.

The match was no doubt exciting with 21 year old Alex Oxalade Chamberlain fondly known as ‘The Ox’ scoring a stunner which ended the deadlock between the two teams. This  win not only won Arsenal the Community Shield it also held special significance for Wenger who finally succeeded in his 14th attempt in defeating Jose Mourinho.

The match ended on a dramatic note with Wenger snubbing Mourinho by avoiding the customary post match handshake. Mourinho wasted no time and cribbed about the incident to the media during the post match press conference. As the saying goes somethings in life never change. Till then we can sit back and enjoy this drama with maybe a bucket of popcorn and coke in hand 🙂