On the morning of 11th August India woke up to the news of Sundar Pichai who was made the Chief Executive Officer of multi-billion company Google. But getting into the logistics of what has happened at Google is a little complex to comprehend. Pichai, though the CEO,  is not the head of the Google that we knew. Google has been slimmed down to make way for Alphabet Inc. headed by Larry Page.

What is Alphabet?  Alphabet Inc is the new mother company  and Google has now become a subset of Alphabet. Yes you heard it right. Alphabet will replace Google as the publicly traded entity and all shares of Google will automatically convert into the same number of shares of Alphabet, with all the same rights. Larry Page will be the CEO of the new mother company and will include, besides Google, units such as Calico, X lab and life sciences projects. Google’s investment arms, Ventures and Capital, will also be part of Alphabet. To suffice, Pichai although CEO is still playing second fiddle to Page and Brin. But this does not bring down his credentials.

Pichai has been a valuable asset to Google which has been tested and proven time and again. Since joining Google in 2004 as vice president of product management, Pichhai oversaw search and consumer products such as iGoogle, Google Toolbar, Desktop Search and Gadgets, Google Pack, and Gears. In 2011, Pichai became senior VP of Google Chrome and Apps, which includes the Chrome browser and operating system, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive.

Pichai is a popular man. Talk of the town was that Twitter  approached Pichai for the role of CEO. Google, in order to keep him, decided to kick start their new business venture along with organisational changes , giving Pichai the CEO title while keeping the same set of duties. Apparently Twitter tried to hire him three years ago and got very close but Google countered with a huge package. Pichai was also a front runner in the race to become the CEO of Microsoft.

All in all, Google is now Alphabet, Alphabet owns Google and Google has a new CEO(Pichai) who reports to the old CEO (Page).