The image of a Syrian toddler washed dead on a Turkish beach was an eye opener for the world of the magnitude of the worst humanitarian disaster of our time. Four years back since it began, the war between Syria, Iraq and Libya has killed innocent people, destroyed cities, violated human rights and forced many to flee from their homes.

This conflict has its repercussions in Europe. More than 19 million people are being forced to migrate and most of them head to Europe. They arrive in a dinghy in Greece and then trek across the Balkan Peninsula to reach EU’s Schengen zone in search for a better life. But is the European Union supportive of this migration? The answer is- not much. The rich countries of the EU have employed policies which are making the journey of these refugees more dangerous. Hungary has erected a razor-wire fence along its border with Serbia, in an effort to prevent refugees from crossing into Europe. Austria has introduced checks along its internal border with the rest of Europe to search for refugees and other immigrants being smuggled into the country.  With the rare exception of Germany, that has welcomed refugees with open arms, each country is trying to push the burden on someone else. UK wants France to keep refugees away from them, France wants Italy to keep refugees away from them and Italy like Greece, wants the rest of Europe to take its refugees. While all of them want Turkey to house the refugees.

Taking in large numbers of refugees’ means having to alter the vision of what your town and city looks like. It also means having to widen the definition of your community’s culture. Is this the reason why the rich countries refuse to let in the refugees? Do they feel threatened by the large Muslim population entering the predominant Christian sphere of Europe? Do they fear this change? If Yes then the question arises that, is this insecurity big enough to forget humanity? Is it big enough to let people rot in the back of trucks? What these rich countries fail to realise is that if nobody tries to solve this crisis, it will only deteriorate with time.